Thirst (Bergman, 1949)

Thirst (Ingmar Bergman, 1949)

This is the earliest Bergman film I’ve seen, and one of my least favorite of his. For being just over 80 minutes, there are entirely too many characters. The film mostly centers around a married a couple working through some ups and downs, both with somewhat troubled pasts. The film features a few flashbacks to the wife’s past which help to illustrate where she has come from. Where the film falters, though, is when we’re introduced to the husband’s ex-lover via flashback. It wouldn’t be so bad except the husband isn’t involved at all. We just see random bits and pieces of this other woman’s life, which I really did not care about considering I was already invested in the married couple’s story. Maybe if the film had been two or more hours, and it was established from the start that it would follow multiple storylines, I wouldn’t have minded. But as it was, it felt sloppy and too crammed. Luckily, the film’s main relationship and the flashbacks actually pertaining to it are solid.  6.5/10


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