The Yards (J. Gray, 1999)

The Yards (James Gray, 1999)

I’ve now seen three out of Gray’s four films, and he’s been solid every time. The Yards is his second film, and the best I’ve seen so far. In who would become a James Gray regular, Joaquin Phoenix gives a great performance in who would become the most sympathetic character in the entire film. The movie centers around Mark Wahlberg’s character as he is suspected of a murder he did not commit and spends much of the movie in hiding just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet I found myself more saddened for Phoenix’s character as he slowly realizes he’s nothing more than a pawn in a rich man’s game. He is one of the few characters that actually has a genuine care for the people in his life, and that makes him susceptible to heartbreak and pain, which allows him to be taken advantage of. And to me, this side character and his story, are what make the movie as great as it is.  8.25/10


3 Responses to “The Yards (J. Gray, 1999)”

  1. Funny….I was planning on watching this today. Glad to hear it’s worth it!

  2. Can’t say I’ve really followed all his films….I did enjoy ‘We Own The Night’ and The Yards looked similar to that.

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