Transsiberian (B. Anderson, 2008)

Transsiberian (Brad Anderson, 2008)

Transsiberian follows an American couple’s train trip from China to Moscow where their introduction to a young couple staying in their train car leads to more trouble than they bargained for. I knew this was a suspense thriller going into it, but the film spends its first hour not doing much of anything besides spending time with its characters. It features intimate cinematography, accurate marital interactions, and people with real life problems. Outside of the somewhat forced sexual tension between the wife and the man in their train car, the first hour is very good.

It’s when the plot picks up that the film falters. The thriller portion of the film is predictable and unoriginal. Ben Kingsley really adds nothing to the movie as the other stars all give good enough performances to warrant another star unnecessary, especially since it felt like he was going through the motions. Much of what happens during the second half really forces the characters to be tools that further the plot instead of the people they were created as in the first half. This is a solid effort, but it’s almost as if Anderson got scared and went the conventional route.  6.25/10


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