Lost (2004-2010)

This review contains spoilers for the entire series.

Lost (2004-2010)

I don’t usually review television series here, but with the series finale of a show that has captured my attention for several years airing last night, I thought I’d make an exception. I’m honestly not quite sure why I’m trying to do this so soon after.  I should probably take some time to reflect and digest the six seasons of this show and how they relate to the series finale, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a try.

First, (and this might be true forever) the opening season of Lost is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen from a television series. We are thrown into the mix of a disastrous plane crash with these people who we do not know, and who do not know each other. The show takes its time introducing these people and we learn about their mostly broken and flawed lives through flashbacks, many of which reveal amazing things about these people. I will never forgot when we discover Locke – and man who walks, runs, and hunts – was in a wheelchair all the way up to the crash. The mysterious inhabitants of the island and the monster made of smoke were also extremely intriguing. The first season of the show takes its time and I always forget that they don’t even get into the hatch until the very end. To think how interesting one little door was for so long is almost funny considering everything that has happened since.

As the show continued, and we learned more and more, many more questions arose. Throughout seasons 2-5, I was convinced there was an answer to almost everything. Alongside it all was a great battle between a man of science (Jack) and a man of faith (Locke). Both men had their moments of doubt in what they believed. Neither character was perfect. Locke was easiest for me to ‘root’ for because I, too, wanted to believe the island was special. Jack, despite his unbelief in the special qualities of the island, was still a great leader, and caring towards the people around him. As the series continued and Locke’s tragic character arc was complete, Jack steps into his role perfectly. Having experienced non-belief in the island gave him even more credibility when he fully realized just what the island was capable of, in my opinion.

As season 6 started and moved forward, it became very clear to me that complete answers to the island’s mythology were not going to be given. We do learn what the smoke monster is, that he was a man who feuded with his brother. Both were flawed – neither as god-like as we had imagined. We also get vague explanations for why things happen the way they do in the earlier seasons, but I had definitely wished for more in that department. But if I can ultimately realize that Jack is the show’s main character, and it is about his path to redemption, I can better accept everything else. As much as I wanted Locke to be ‘the’ guy, he was really just an important person in Jack’s life path that would help him become the man he needed to be. With all that in mind, the film’s final scene isn’t as bad as I thought it was directly after it aired last night. (Though I still consider the island itself a major character and had hoped the show would conclude with some sort of endless cycle where more ‘lost’ people happen upon the island for their transformation experiences, even if that does sound cheesy.) So while I found the show to become slightly disappointing as everything came together and ended, the road was still fantastic, and I do think Lost will go down as one of the greatest television accomplishments of all time.  9.5/10


6 Responses to “Lost (2004-2010)”

  1. Kyle King Says:

    I’m definitely going to have to rewatch it all when Season 6 comes out. Every time I think of that last scene, I get a little teary-eyed… Definitely an emotionally satisfying conclusion, even if we don’t get all the answers.

  2. I’m glad you reviewed Lost – I was looking forward to your comments. I cried thru the end and enjoyed the last episode, but was definitely not satisfied. The creators of Lost treated the island as a character, and I think they did those of us who were truly fans (I know – hope! – I am not the only one that watched with a laptop so I could google things that caught my eye, who read books referenced in the series, etc.) a disservice by not giving an explanation of the island. Too many threads were left dangling after tons of clues were left for us to decipher, think about, talk about.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Yeah, a part of me will always wish there were more answers. But, strangely, as time passes, I become more and more okay with what we got.

      But I was definitely one of those people that over-analyzed everything. =)

  3. “Though I still consider the island itself a major character and had hoped the show would conclude with some sort of endless cycle where more ‘lost’ people happen upon the island for their transformation experiences, even if that does sound cheesy”

    To be fair, it was not clear whether the plane in the last scene was coming or going.

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