Sabrina (Wilder, 1954)

Sabrina (Billy Wilder, 1954)

First of all, apologies to my wife, as this is one of her favorites. If I really look past the film’s set-up flaws, I can see the fun, silly romance that almost everyone seems to love. But I can’t get past the set-up. Wilder has a strange idea of love – at least how it is portrayed here. The title character, Sabrina, has grown up infatuated with David, one of the rich sons of her father’s employer. She goes to Paris and matures as a person, coming back to New York with a newfound confidence. But when she returns, she is still hung up on David (who, by the way, is a known womanizer and lazy bum). So though she is falling into a dangerous and unhealthy relationship, everyone around her is treating it like a romance to envy.

Luckily, the film saves itself during the second half when Bogart’s character becomes more involved. He plays his part wonderfully and the relationship between he and Sabrina is much easier to watch. Additionally the humor seems less forced and funnier. Maybe it’s just Bogart’s persona, but almost everything improved when he became the focus. So while I might have spent most of my time here focusing on what I found weak in the first half, I didn’t dislike this movie as much as it might seem.  6.25/10


4 Responses to “Sabrina (Wilder, 1954)”

  1. chrisfilm Says:

    😦 BOO!

  2. chrisfilm Says:

    Yes you are, you’ve finally realized how mean it is to rate stellar movies badly!

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