Peacock (Lander, 2010)

Peacock (Michael Lander, 2010)

Peacock is a relatively odd and bizarre film, though I think it wants to be more bizarre than it is. Really, it would have felt much more odd if it wasn’t either a rip-off of, or an homage to Pyscho. While it is most definitely a psychological drama, it also has its fair share of scenes where the main character goes about his everyday life, sits and contemplates (what, we don’t know), and does a whole lot of nothing. And Cillian Murphy is fantastic playing the lead role. However, the plot does become rather heavy-handed as the film continues. It’s entertaining, but far too obvious and self-important. Lander does a good enough job incorporating nice visuals and beautiful music to somewhat distract from the flaws of the film though. Had this felt more original, I think I would have liked it quite a bit.  6.75/10


4 Responses to “Peacock (Lander, 2010)”

  1. chrisfilm Says:

    I wasn’t crazy about this movie, but mostly because I found it disturbing. The other main reason I didn’t love it was that I fearful of how deep it was going to go. Luckily it didn’t go into ‘things’ as much as I had worried about.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      If anyone is reading this, I believe my wife has signed in under my name. I’m not talking to myself, I promise!

  2. Cillian Murphy in drag again?!?! Get to check this one out!

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Well, he is technically dressed as a woman, but this is definitely not a movie about a cross-dresser.

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