Faces (J. Cassavetes, 1968)

Faces (John Cassavetes, 1968)

Cassavetes really knows how to capture the bad parts of life. As with every other film of his I’ve seen, this is two hours of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations you’d ever want to see. Cassavetes captures the sad, yet honest truth of a bad situation and its consequences. Nothing is sugar-coated, and nothing is pleasant, which makes it a very difficult watch. Call me a sentimentalist, but I prefer a glimpse of hope in films like these.

As usual with Cassavetes, every one of the performances here is excellent. I’m not exactly sure how Cassavetes approaches the actors in his films, or what technique he implores to get such honest and natural performances every time – maybe he just uses the right people. But what you get are strange and unusual situations performed in a way that feels familiar and unscripted – even to someone who can’t relate to these characters on a personal basis at all.  I definitely appreciate this film, but it’s too bleak for me.  7.5/10


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