Buchanan Rides Alone (Boetticher, 1958)

This review contains spoilers (last sentences).

Buchanan Rides Alone (Budd Boetticher, 1958)

Boetticher has again impressed me with Buchanan Rides Alone, but the impressive momentum the films begins with fizzles by the time it ends. A stranger rides into a California/Mexico border town on his way to Texas when he finds himself involved in a deadly feud amongst the locals. As in the other Boetticher films I’ve seen, Randolph Scott plays the mysterious man, though here he is much more free-spirited than the others. And truthfully, his character is more on the outside of the meat of the film than I expected. The real story involves a set of brothers who run the town. The themes of greed and corruption are heavy, as there is more than a fair amount of backstabbing and cold-heartedness. All in all, I was enjoying myself until the end approached. At this point Boetticher uses a few too many deaths to wrap everything up. It seemed like a cheap way to come to a conclusion when the film had been very good up to that point.  7.75/10


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