Lonesome (Fejös, 1928)

Lonesome (Pál Fejös, 1928)

This might be the simplest and most endearing love story I’ve ever seen. Fairy tale-esque in its approach to love, but so uncomplicated and under-dramatic that it does nothing but make the heart flutter. The film is about two lonely people who meet at a carnival and spend the day together. The two stars personify ‘new love’ in a near perfect fashion. He sees her from a distance and wanders behind her hoping she’ll notice him. She recognizes a sweet, endearing presence in him and reciprocates his slight flirtations. The carnival setting is fantastic as well. It perfectly mirrored the whirlwind of emotions the characters were feeling. Even the ending, which could probably be viewed as hokey, was innocently satisfactory. The film is slightly flawed in ways, but most of it doesn’t matter.  9/10


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