Sure Fire (Jost, 1990)

Sure Fire (Jon Jost, 1990)

After The Bed You Sleep In, I had to try another Jost. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t as impressive. Jost is also working in the rural setting here, but the focus on the town’s images isn’t present, and the atmosphere doesn’t feel as authentic. Where Sure Fire thrives is in its awkward conversations between characters, and there are several fantastic ones between friends, associates, a father and son. But, in addition, the film also features far too many overly contemplative character monologues, many of which felt forced. And the film is a jumble of a lot of ideas that Jost never really brings together in the sort of cohesion I think he desired. As a result, when the head-scratching, potentially shocking ending occurs (‘potentially’ because what actually happens is very much open for interpretation), it doesn’t provide the punch it could have with more focus.  6/10


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