Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Lynch, 1992)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (David Lynch, 1992)

Recently I’ve been re-watching the television series Twin Peaks. I had forgotten how much I love the show, and decided it was finally time to watch this movie prequel (though it actually came out after the series was cancelled). This movie should have been at least another hour long. Completely opposite from how the show functions, the movie doesn’t take its time at all. Also gone are the rural setting and the humorous characters (well, the characters are mostly there, they just lack the humor). The mythology and other-worldly elements that were so intriguing in the show are all over the place here, but always rushed. This definitely felt more like a David Lynch movie than the David Lynch show (which, to me, is a bad thing). Still, looking at this movie without comparing it to the show, it is a solid psychological thriller – extremely creepy and strangely interesting.  6.5/10


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