Seven Men From Now (Boetticher, 1956)

Seven Men From Now (Budd Boetticher, 1956)

Alright, this was the other Boetticher film I mentioned in my Ride Lonesome review, and I did like it better this time around. It’s not as good as Ride Lonesome, but like that film, the characters are all consistent and right in line with Boetticher’s vision. Again, the film centers around an old loner on a mission who, by chance, adds people to his posse as he travels. One of those is an ex-con played by Lee Marvin, and Marvin steals the show. He smooth talks and manipulates almost everyone, but holds enough important qualities that no one really wants him to leave. His sidekick is cliché and pointless, though, and is probably one of the film’s biggest weaknesses. Outside of that character, all the rest are more than solid. And, of course, the landscapes are beautiful, and the atmosphere is poetic.  8/10


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