Voyage in Time (Tarkovsky, Guerra, 1983)

Voyage in Time (Andrei Tarkovsky & Tonino Guerra, 1983)

I put this on expecting about what I got out of the Malick documentary I saw last week. Turns out this was much better. This was sort of a combination of a day in the life of Andrei Tarkovsky, pre-production for his film Nostalghia, and a few questions and answers. It sounds sort of jumbled and uninteresting, but it really was not. (Well, it was kind of jumbled.) Being directed by Tarkovsky himself (along with Nostalghia co-writer, Tonino Guerra), it had many instances of the poetic flares, beautiful cinematography, and interesting architectural sets Tarkovsky is known for. Even the question and answer sections were interesting. They weren’t really filmed in the usual ‘talking head’ style (Guerra actually asks him questions from his fan mail as they hang out in Guerra’s home), and being a Tarkovsky fan, I found what he had to say very interesting. All in all, this was a very pleasant surprise.  8/10


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