The Seventh Victim (Robson, 1943)

The Seventh Victim (Mark Robson, 1943)

This was a decent little mystery/thriller. Kim Hunter plays Mary, a young lady whose sister has gone missing. She travels to New York to help find her. She meets several of her sister’s acquaintances and discovers her sister is mixed up with some bad people. The film is very good while it is still mysterious. It’s creepy (both tone and atmosphere during the first half are great), well-written, and includes an eerie shower scene that is just as good as Psycho’s, in my opinion (though quite a bit different). The film’s final scene is also great, and shockingly dark. Unfortunately, throughout the film, as all the answers start to come together, things start to fall apart plot-wise. And the scenes leading up to the finale are weak, including an eye-roll inducing scene where the sister’s friends give a big ’shame on you’ speech to the bad people she was mixed up with. The Seventh Victim was solid and entertaining, but its specialness fades during the second half.  7/10


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