1st Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2010)

In years past, to celebrate the Academy Awards, I would come up with my personal list of nominations and winners. A lot of my nominations would overlap, and some of my guilty pleasures would add a personal touch to it all. Unfortunately, with the Oscar nominations being the worst I have ever seen this year, I am making this list not to celebrate the Awards, but to give respect to films that aren’t blockbuster enough to earn a nomination. (A big, sarcastic thanks to the Academy for picking movies that get little recognition elsewhere.)

And so begins the 1st Annual Chrisfilm Awards.


Best Supporting Actor:

Chris Cooper, Where the Wild Things Are

Wally Dalton, Wendy and Lucy

Tom Felton, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Richard Kind, A Serious Man

And the winner is…

Martin Starr, Adventureland


Best Supporting Actress:

Isabel Abreu, Uprise

Catherine Keener, Genova

Samantha Morton, Synecdoche, New York

Collette Wolfe, Observe and Report

And the winner is…

Lauren Socha, The Unloved


Best Cinematography:

Noah Hutton, Crude Independence

Dante Spinotti, Public Enemies

Thomas Townend, The Unloved

Lance Acord, Where the Wild Things Are

And the winner is…

Steven Soderbergh, The Girlfriend Experience


Best Actress:

Mati Diop, 35 Rhums

Sasha Grey, The Girlfriend Experience

Rachel Weisz, The Brothers Bloom

Molly Windsor, The Unloved

And the winner is…

Michelle Williams, Wendy and Lucy


Best Actor:

Nicolas Cage, Bad Lieutenant

Alex Descas, 35 Rhums

Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

Algenis Perez Soto, Sugar

And the winner is…

Sam Rockwell, Moon


Best Director:

Claire Denis, 35 Rhums

Duncan Jones, Moon

Samantha Morton, The Unloved

Steven Soderbergh, The Girlfriend Experience

And the winner is…

Noah Hutton, Crude Independence


Best Picture of 2009:


Crude Independence

Finally, Lillian and Dan

The Girlfriend Experience



The Unloved

Wendy and Lucy

Where the Wild Things Are

And the winner is….

35 Rhums


6 Responses to “1st Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2010)”

  1. Eric B. Says:

    It looks like I have some films to watch. I was definitely disappointed with the best picture nominees this year. The Blind Side? Really?

    Good stuff. Thanks for the post.

    You missed a great True/False film festival this year. You REALLY HAVE to go next year. It is a great experience.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Yeah, The Blind Side is ridiculous. I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t think I need to.

      I remember you mentioning the True/False festival, but next year you’ll have to remind me as it gets close so I don’t forget. Is it in Columbia?

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Oh yeah, and stop wasting your time with 100 mile weeks and start a music blog already. I need to know what to look for. =)

  2. Cousin Cathy Says:

    Interesting choices and now I have some new choices for Netflix, thank you!

    Do you have a twitter account? Would love to follow you.

    Thanks again for the very interesting film reviews.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Hey Cathy, thanks for looking! I don’t have a Twitter account, but maybe I should look into it. I’m always a step behind on those kind of things. =)

  3. jackskelliez Says:

    Just “saved” The Unloved on Netflix – had no clue Samantha Morton made a movie….

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