Collateral (M. Mann, 2004)

Collateral (Michael Mann, 2004)

As I expected, this is sort of a Miami Vice warm-up. Shot by the same director of photography, and using the same night-time setting, Collateral does everything I loved from Miami Vice visually. I’m not sure why Mann even bothers with movies set during the day. He does an amazing job of capturing the city lights, both indoor and outdoor, and even a combination of both at times. (Collateral features an amazing scene inside an office with floor to ceiling windows that is lit by nothing other than the lights from surrounding buildings and a few indoor emergency lights.)

Unfortunately, this film has a ridiculous plot. It’s very much a typical action/thriller plot-wise, and really counts on viewers to suspend their disbelief. Luckily, there are some great character interactions sprinkled in between these crazy events that help make this film much more than a generic action flick. Though I was definitely chuckling here and there, I was more in awe of the visual presentation and the several life-like conversations.  8.5/10


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