Ocean’s Twelve (Soderbergh, 2004)

Ocean’s Twelve (Steven Soderbergh, 2004)

I’m pretty sure I saw Ocean’s Eleven when it came out in 2001, so my memory of the series is a little groggy. But I gave this one a go anyway. It’s wholly unimpressive. Outside a few random Soderbergh cinematography touches, and some slightly poetic stalking scenes (kind of sounds creepy to say that), this has nothing. It’s barely even entertaining. Over half the running time is spent between bringing the gang back together at the beginning and explaining the 46 different plot twists at the end. Both of these aspects were really, really annoying. I’m all for some solid, over-the-top entertainment every once and a while, but I prefer it be simple, approachable, and not a just chance for actors to show off how cool they can be. Ocean’s Twelve was a very obvious cash cow.  4.25/10


2 Responses to “Ocean’s Twelve (Soderbergh, 2004)”

  1. Yeah, Ocean’s Twelve is a sad excuse for a movie. Ocean’s Eleven is much better: more focused, more fun, more clever. Twelve is just an interminable bore of a sequel with little plot and less humor (if I remember correctly). Though, if you ever really want to see a bad movie, watch the original Ocean’s Eleven with Frank Sinatra. Holy cow…

    • Yeah, I remember enjoying Ocean’s 11, though it’s been a while.

      I made it about 30 minutes into the original 60s version before falling asleep the one time I tried.

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