Quiet City (Katz, 2007)

Quiet City (Aaron Katz, 2007)

After watching Dance Party, USA, I decided I might as well watched Katz’s other film. Quiet City is not as deeply moving as Katz’s first, but it is more poetic and definitely cuter. Call me a softy, but I really fell for the whole ‘boy meets girl and hit it off perfectly’ story. A girl comes to New York to meet up with a friend and the friend never shows. She finds comfort and protection in a boy she runs into in the subway. The two spend a couple of days together and start to fall for each other.

Basically, this is exactly what Before Sunrise should have been. The awkward, realistic dialogue was refreshing. At times, it becomes borderline quirky, but never to the point I was bothered by it, and it sure beats the alternative of philosophical gibberish. As the two wander around and meet up with friends, I couldn’t help but like everyone, even the obnoxious people. This is definitely 80 minutes of fun. And though the film was shot on what seemed to be a basic digital camcorder, the cinematography is beautiful. Yes, I’m a sucker for playing with the sunset and city lights like Katz does here.  9.25/10


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