Dance Party, USA (Katz, 2006)

Dance Party, USA (Aaron Katz, 2006)

Dance Party, USA can be summarized as an hour of the most awkward conversations ever had with a bit of subtle redemption thrown into the mix. To be honest, at the start of the film I was turned off by the vulgarity of the conversations and really had no desire to sit and listen to teenagers ramble about garbage that was of no interest to me.

But the film really becomes something great when the ramblings fade, and turn to true confessions. The male protagonist has a questionable past and for whatever reason turns to a stranger to confess. And perhaps even more puzzling is the way this girl he barely knows shows him a love and grace few others would. It’s very obvious from this point forward that he wants something better for himself, but Katz treats this subtly. He is still very much the same person throughout the entire film, but there is a definite soothing difference.  8.25/10


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