Gaza Strip (Longley, 2002)

Gaza Strip (James Longley, 2002)

This wasn’t as good as Longley’s second documentary, Iraq in Fragments, that I saw more than a year back, but it still has its moments. This film is much more political than I cared for it to be. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold merit in those regards to people who know more about this subject material, but it didn’t really do much for me. It seems the film was somewhat one-sided, as the Jews are definitely made out to be the bad guys and not given a face of any kind. So while the film claims to be about the people living in this area during this time, that is really only partly true.

The moments where it does follow the lives of the people (and especially children) of this area are very good. There are some genuinely touching moments where it’s obvious the people are just speaking what they are feeling. Additionally, Longley puts an obvious focus on the visual presentation of this documentary (even if the equipment used here isn’t as expensive, and results in a poorer quality picture), as the cinematography is very solid.  6.5/10


2 Responses to “Gaza Strip (Longley, 2002)”

  1. Is this the same boy from iraq in Fragments?

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