We Own the Night (J. Gray, 2007)

This review contains spoilers.

We Own the Night (James Gray, 2007)

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, but then subsequently disappointed. The first half of the film is a solid family drama involving a father/son cop duo, and an outcast club-manager brother. The outcast brother wants little to do with his family as they try to enlist his help in bringing down a man in charge of a large drug operation. But though this storyline sounds cliché, the script is actually right on the money. The outcast of the family isn’t unrealistically out of touch with his feelings towards his family. The father’s words and actions are much more fair than you would expect. These people seem broken, but not out of touch in the way you expect from this genre.

The film does become a bit impractical in the final third when the brother who runs the club becomes a cop. I was willing to buy that he cared about his family more than he was wanting to show to outsiders. In fact, that was one of the film’s strengths. But I didn’t see it in his personality to put himself on the police force. Surely there was another way to get him involved in the action without sacrificing his character. Anyway, the solid and realistic first half is slightly abandoned here, but the whole thing is still very entertaining, and I can’t finish without mentioning the car chase scene towards the middle of the film that features a near perfect use of visual and sound editing. If only big-budget action films would take note of that.  7/10


One Response to “We Own the Night (J. Gray, 2007)”

  1. I really liked this movie – I’m glad we rented it!

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