Moon (D. Jones, 2009)

This review contains spoilers.

Moon (Duncan Jones, 2009)

What a very interesting film. This science fiction film is a lot less sci-fi, and a lot more human drama. Yes, it examines the concept of cloning, but mostly the human emotional reaction. We see two clones interact awkwardly, both coping with the situation in what seems to be a very realistic way. There is more shock than anger and fear, and it’s portrayed perfectly by Sam Rockwell, who might give the best performance I’ve seen so far of ’09. The film is also full of little nuances that give it a personal feel. In a scene towards the end, one of the clones removes a ‘kick me’ sign from the back of a talking computer companion/co-worker, and who knows how long it was there. And, perhaps my favorite part of the film were the memory flashbacks to time on Earth with his wife. In fact, there should have been more, which would have helped solidify the emotional climax (which is still very strong). Overall, this is a very nice film.  8.25/10


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