Mauvais Sang (Carax, 1986)

Mauvais Sang (Leos Carax, 1986)

I was not expecting film noir/crime drama when I put this in, so to be completely fair, I should probably start this from the beginning with that in mind. I was put off by many of the noir elements of this film before I recognized them as what they were. I’m still not sure the film completely worked for me in that aspect, but there is much else here to appreciate. When Carax wants to, this film morphs into a poetically endearing film that features longing glances from Denis Lavant’s character to Juliette Binoche’s, fantastic sound editing (including the complete cut of sound for some scenes), and beautifully used cinematography. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of overly talky scenes which often lasted too long or weren’t emotionally involving enough for me to care about. So while I’m not completely convinced of the mix of styles here, the glimpses of cinematic perfection do stand out, and I did like this film.  8/10


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