Jingle All the Way (Levant, 1996)

Jingle All the Way (Brian Levant, 1996)

Dare I say it? This is actually funnier than Christmas Vacation. But that is about all it has going for it. It’s dumb, extremely cheesy in its sentimentality, and terribly acted, even beyond the low expectations one tends to have for those categories for holiday movies. But Sinbad and Phil Hartman are funny enough to keep this at an enjoyable level. It’s no Elf, and it’s no Home Alone, but it’s decent. That’s about all I have to say.  5.5/10


One Response to “Jingle All the Way (Levant, 1996)”

  1. This has to be my guilty pleasure of Christmas movies. As i’ve always liked it since I was younger.

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