The Road (Hillcoat, 2009)

The Road (John Hillcoat, 2009)

I was hoping I’d never be ‘that guy’, but I liked the book better than the movie. In the hands of Hillcoat, I was surprised the film was as mainstream as it was. It felt like we were jumping from event to event instead of taking time in between major occurences to watch the father and son travel, converse, and spend time together. I do have to praise the contrast between the father and son – one as a hardened cynic who has witnessed a lot of hate, the other as an unselfish giver who wants to love – was pretty much nailed with spot-on accuracy, though (and I felt this way about the book), the son is a little more apt to challenge his father than seems realistic.

The film also uses voiceovers to get into the head of the main character, though they were way underused. And the color palette, cinematography, and soundtrack all helped enhance the bleak and desolate world our characters find themselves in. So, while this was slightly disappointing, it was still a very good film and worth seeing.  7.75/10


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  1. Hehe, I’m usually “that guy”. Welcome to the dark side.

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