Voyager (Schlöndorff, 1991)

This review contains spoilers (2nd paragraph).

Voyager (Volker Schlöndorff, 1991)

Man oh man, where to begin? Well, first of all, this film features a great, poetic relationship. The way it is filmed, mixed with great performances from Sam Shepard and Julie Delpy (the only thing I’ve liked her in), and a fantastic score make it incredibly poetic, sweet, endearing, etc. The fact that these two are traveling, making it somewhat of a road movie, helps too. The whole thing feels very fun but passionate at the same time.

Unfortunately, throughout the movie there are hints that something strange might be happening. Finally, my suspicions were confirmed and it is revealed that Delpy’s character is Shepard’s character’s daughter (though neither knew). Obviously, the relationship that was once sweet and relatable is now disturbing. But Shepard’s character’s reaction and they way he handles the situation is part of what makes the movie good. And though the whole things sends chills down my spine (especially thinking about how much I liked the two together), it’s still a brutally great film.  9.75/10


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