O País de São Saruê (Carvalho, 1971)

O País de São Saruê (Vladimir Carvalho, 1971)

This is a decent little documentary about an impoverished state in Brazil, but I don’t think it does anywhere near what the director intended it to. It seemed he really wanted to paint the government in a bad light and show the horrible way in which the people were treated, but I didn’t really get that vibe at all. The narration (which was extremely dull, museum-like narration) and its criticisms is what made me think this. Strangely, there was also some voiceover which was somewhat poetic, well-written and not teachy at all. So, perhaps Carvalho was trying to convey two different aspects of this land. But whatever his intentions, it ended up being messy. There was a lot of nice cinematography and music to accompany the good voiceover, but the inconsistent presentation was too much to look past.  6.25/10


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