Elf (Favreau, 2003)

Elf (Jon Favreau, 2003)

I re-watched this one the other night and found it to be delightful. I thought poorly of it in the past because I felt like I was supposed to or something. It turns out this is quite funny and an enchanting little Christmas movie. The jokes aren’t a bunch of pop culture references so this should hold up as the years pass, and outside of the typical and predictable ending, the movie feels very genuine. I’m glad I gave this another chance.  7.75/10


2 Responses to “Elf (Favreau, 2003)”

  1. And the fact that I am secretly in love with Zooey Deschanel doesn’t hurt this movie’s chance at appreciation.

    I have revised my personal philosophy on film recently. I have decided that I like movies, not so much for artistic credibility, but rather for how well they fulfill their intended purpose. Take Elf for example: this is a completely fantastical premise (human raised by Elves only to become more or less a pariah at the North Pole and sets out to find his biological father, has trouble fitting into human culture… etc.). It is laced with sophomoric humor and a cheesy love story. Yet we love this film because there are no real expectations therefore it exceeds any preconceived notions about such a silly comedy. I laughed a lot. And that is why I like it.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Who isn’t secretly in love with Zooey Deschanel? =)

      And, yeah, that’s always been kind of an unstated philosophy of mine. When these movies keep it simple like this, what’s not to like.

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