Twilight: New Moon (Weitz, 2009)

Twilight: New Moon (Chris Weitz, 2009)

Okay, let’s get this over with. Yes, I saw this, and yes it was at the midnight showing. Why not? Anyway, the guilty enjoyment I found in the first one was mostly absent here. I still have a strange soft spot for fantasy elements in movies, and that was really the only thing that kept my interest. Most of the movie is spent watching teenagers talk about undying love and spouting nonsense that could only come from a screenwriter. People never have talked this way and never will, but oh well. Truthfully, the relationship between Bella and Jacob felt much more real than the relationship between Bella and Edward, mostly because there was a mix of emotions coming from Bella which actually felt somewhat realistic. Mostly this wasn’t worth seeing, though.  4/10


3 Responses to “Twilight: New Moon (Weitz, 2009)”

  1. BELLA:
    BELLA: Edward!
    EDWARD: Bella!
    BELLA: I love you forever, even though we never talk and our relationship is skin deep!
    EDWARD: It’s torture being near you! I’m so hungry for your blood!
    JACOB: I’m really ripped. Check out my shirtless torso.
    BELLA: Mmm… but Edward!

  2. You boys are so funny!

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