Ornamental Hairpin (Shimizu, 1941)

Ornamental Hairpin (Hiroshi Shimizu, 1941)

I’m not really even sure what to say about this film. It’s extremely simple, which is both a strength and a flaw. Its simplicity keeps its characters real, and the central romantic story (though budding romance is the more appropriate term) is very well written. The movie also involves the female protagonist finding herself in a mostly non-cliched way. One of my favorite aspects of the film, though, was the character of the professor, who was a crotchety old man who loved nothing more than to complain about service. He provided a nice spark of comedic relief.

The film’s simplicity also made this feel like something I have seen before, though. The way in which the story was told felt somewhat ordinary as did nearly every technical feature (outside of a few fantastic shots sprinkled in here and there). I feel like I’ve been handing out this rating a lot lately, but most of these movies a really good, but not quite masterpieces to me. 7.75/10


2 Responses to “Ornamental Hairpin (Shimizu, 1941)”

  1. Speaking of handing out ratings, I was wondering what exactly each of your ratings means. They get very specific sometimes (down to quarter points at least), so I assume you have some sort of defined scale.

    • I don’t really have an exact meaning to each rating. I have a list of favorites and I just compare how much I like one film with how much I like others and place it accordingly on my list. This one fell into the ‘8’ category. I like to break it down into quarter ratings so my 8.5s don’t get the same ratings as my 7.5s. Oh, and basically anything 7.75 and higher is really good.

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