Through the Forest (Civeyrac, 2005)

Through the Forest (Jean-Paul Civeyrac, 2005)

This is a fine example of a film full of technical brilliance, but without enough emotional impact to be a really excellent film. Truthfully, this could have been a great film had it not gone down the ‘ghost story’ path. Civeyrac does a great job blending the genre-film elements with the art-film treatment of the style and characters. But I personally didn’t really care for the whole idea.


What I did like was the fantastic cinematography. I love long takes, and this 60-minute films consists of only 6 or 7 individual one-take scenes, all meticulously set up and executed. The mixture of colors and shadows give the film a pretty look as well. There are a lot of positives here, but this isn’t enough of my thing for me to really love.  7.75/10


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