The Noah (Bourla, 1975)

The Noah (Daniel Bourla, 1975)

The Noah was an extremely interesting film. The film begins with a passage from Genesis 6, and we view the last remaining survivor on Earth as he floats to an island and starts his new life, alone. Considering the quoted verse and the name of the film, I figured the film was going to be a modern retelling of the story of Noah. Turns out, it was not. Almost immediately after his arrival, he creates an imaginary companion, then creates a woman for his companion. So, while the film is full of different Christian ideas, I can’t really find a connection between them all.


Luckily, the film works without any of that anyway. The first 15 minutes are breathtaking as Noah takes the island in, exploring it and gazing over its beautiful landscape. As time passes, and he creates a world inside his head, Bourla does a great job making the situation seem real. There is obviously no way to know how someone would react to under those circumstances, but I would have to believe it would be something like what this movie portrays. The chaos of his world does continue for far too long, causing it to become a little tiresome after a while, but it sure doesn’t keep it from being an intriguing watch.  8.5/10


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