Kingdom of Heaven (R. Scott, 2005)

Kingdom of Heaven – Director’s Cut (Ridley Scott, 2005)

I hadn’t seen this movie in years, but when I did see it, it was the theatrical version, and I remember thinking it was okay. Then, I kept hearing great things about the director’s cut, so I decided this was worth another shot. Well, I actually liked it less than I remembered. Honestly, I don’t think I like the director’s cut worse than the theatrical cut. I just think I would really dis-like the theatrical cut if I saw it now.


The film begins decently enough. It takes its time, sets a calm tone, and give the impression we may be getting ready to watch a subtle story that happens to take place during an epic time period. Unfortunately, as the film continues it becomes as cliched as any other epic film. Characters are good or evil, with very little human qualities. There are big, bloody battles featuring a mix of flashy camerawork and slow motion. And, my personal favorite, the horrible inspirational speeches the characters give throughout. Granted, there were some characters that felt real, and the film did slow down every once in a while to provide some poetic breaks from the action, but overall this was disappointing.  5.25/10


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  1. And here I thought you loved hollywood speeches…

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