Year One (Ramis, 2009)

Year One (Harold Ramis, 2009)

This is the worst movie of the year, and one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was disappointing because the first 15 minutes or so starts off decently funny in a stupid way. But very quickly the humor becomes awkward (in a ‘trying too hard, but just not funny’ way) and offensive (likely because the writers weren’t clever enough to do anything else). The whole thing was just plain stupid. Sorry, I have nothing else to say about this mess.  1.25/10

year one


3 Responses to “Year One (Ramis, 2009)”

  1. I completely agree, we made it about 16 minutes into the film and I shut it off. I would give it a 0.

    • If you didn’t like the first 16 minutes, you definitely wouldn’t have liked the rest. Sadly, that was the best part.

  2. This movie stunk from a mile away… the only reason I watched it, is because the name Harold Ramis sat next to director. He’s been stinking up the 2000s but I was hoping for a little comeback, oh well.

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