17 Again (Steers, 2009)

17 Again (Burr Steers, 2009)

People can no longer say I don’t watch mainstream movies. Actually, I had an interest in this because I had heard from a few folks that this was actually some kind of genius film in a mainstream disguise. Honestly, I think that’s giving the movie too much credit, but it was much better than I would have ever expected from its trailers. The movie is actually quite funny, and for the most part it doesn’t take itself too seriously (well, theme-wise it does, but plot-wise, definitely not). And as strange as it is to say this, Zac Efron might be a good actor. In this film, his facial expressions, physical mannerisms, and having to be sure he always projects the middle-age man in his character are all very good.

17 again

Now, before I get too carried away, this is still an extremely flawed movie, suffering from many typical mainstream weaknesses (below average cinematography, an unneeded sub-plot, etc). And in no way does it try to be some kind of poetic, poignant masterpiece. But it succeeds in its simplicity, its humor (which is subtle at times, awkward at times, and just regularly funny at times), and its performances. This is definitely better than I thought it would be.  7/10


2 Responses to “17 Again (Steers, 2009)”

  1. Kyle King Says:

    You should have given it 17/10. 🙂

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