Chrisfilm’s Top 30 Cinematographers

NOTE: Please see here for my latest list. This list might not be up-to-date.

As you can read in my film philosophy, I value aesthetics in film. As a result, I always note a film’s director of photography (cinematography). Below are my 30 favorite cinematographers, and a list of my favorite films from each:

1. Christopher Doyle

paranoid park

2. Emmanuel Lubezki

3. Robby Müller

wrong move

4. Agnès Godard

5. Roger Deakins


6. Sven Nykvist


7. Lee Ping-bin

three times

8. Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein


9. Alwin Kuchler


10. Robert Elswit

there will be blood

11. Vilmos Zsigmond


12. Russell Boyd

13. Bert Glennon

14. Peter Zeitlinger

15. Marcel Zyskind


16. Tim Orr


17. Eric Gautier


18. Steven Soderbergh

19. Slawomir Idziak


20. Robert Burks

wrong man

21. Harris Savides

22. Nicolas Roeg


23. Thomas Mauch


24. Nicholas Musuraca

25. Lance Acord


26. Dante Spinotti

27. Anthony Richmond

man who

28. Luciano Tovoli

29. Gianni Di Venanzo


30. Vadim Yusov



One Response to “Chrisfilm’s Top 30 Cinematographers”

  1. You and I have always approached movie viewing from different angles. I go simply to be entertained. I want to be mindlessly transported for 2 hours. I do not look at the logistics of the film or any of the qualities that makes you such an expert in cinematography. That said, however, I’ve watched a few movies the past couple of years based solely on your comments, and been pleasantly surprised. In particular, I watched both The Assassination of Jesse James… and A Mighty Heart – neither of which was one of those “I’ve GOT to see that one!” movies for me – and enjoyed both immensely. So thanks for challenging me to take a 2nd look.

    As for Sleepy Hollow, O Brother…, and Good/Bad/Ugly – those are just classics!

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