Two Lovers (J. Gray, 2008)

Two Lovers (James Gray, 2008)

This is an interesting film. On the one hand this is a somewhat predictable love drama where a man falls in love with an unreliable mess of a woman while a safe, stable, do-no-wrong woman waits for him in the wings. A few things happened that aren’t expected, but a lot of what occurs (including the moments towards the end) were pretty cliche.

two lovers

What makes this film successful is its characters, especially Joaquin Phoenix’s Leonard. I felt so much sympathy for him as he kept making bad choice after bad choice, but never to the point where I was angry with him. His situation was extremely difficult, he was broken, and as he was accidentally taken advantage of over and over, I kept wanting for him to break the cycle. I felt like this movie was extremely involving. So despite parts of the plot being slightly unoriginal, characters are what matter, and this film was very good in that area.  8/10


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  1. I really haven’t been able to get myself to watch this yet… I’m sure I will at some point in the next few weeks.

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