Gods of the Plague (Fassbinder, 1970)

Gods of the Plague (R.W. Fassbinder, 1970)

This isn’t the best I’ve seen from Fassbinder, but it isn’t his worst either. The director has two main eras in his directing career. His early, noir-homage era, and his later melodrama era. Gods of the Plague falls into his early era, though this is hardly a noir movie. It’s more of a Jean-Luc Godard homage than anything.


Truthfully, there are a lot of characters and events in this film that I could have gone completely without. Our protagonist, his friend ‘The Gorilla’, and girl they hang out with make for a great trio. If the whole film would have been about them traveling around, meeting up with old chums, and trying to decide what to do next (like they do for a 30 minute stretch), this would have been amazing. As it was, there was just too much I found uninteresting. Luckily, the soundtrack was pretty much amazing throughout the entire film, and the cinematography is very nice, so even the parts I found uninteresting were poetic and aesthetically pleasing.  7.5/10


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