The Furies (A. Mann, 1950)

The Furies (Anthony Mann, 1950)

My adventures with Anthony Mann continue, though this is one of his lesser effective efforts. Truthfully, there are parts of this film that are outstanding – much of the cinematography (Mann uses dusk, shadows, and silhouettes beautifully in this film), the slightly disturbing relationship between the father and daughter, and the layers of the daughter character in general.


For some reason, as he does in his films every now and then, Mann almost ruins the tone/atmosphere of the film by including a big, overbearing score. As I see more and more classic Hollywood films, I’m becoming more forgiving of typical soundtracks, but this one was still way overdone. Additionally, though I thought the main female protagonist was well-written for the most part, the start of her relationship with the town banker (a man her father hated), was rushed and forced. This film would have worked a lot better with an additional 15 minutes or so added to that section. There are too many flaws here to consider this one of Mann’s best.  7/10


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