Best of… Series – 1991 – The Lovers on the Bridge

As a way to mix some of my old reviews in with my new reviews, I’m doing a Best of… Series. In this series, I will review my favorite movie of each year.

The Lovers on the Bridge (Leos Carax, 1991)

This is an absolutely fantastic film. The Lovers on the Bridge has nearly everything I look for in a movie – fantastic cinematography, a poetic atmosphere, and a harsh, real, yet heartfelt relationship.


The movie begins with one of the most poetic scenes I’ve ever seen. Then, suddenly, Carax thrusts viewers into the sad and harsh world of the homeless. From there we are treated to two of the greatest characters in film history – Alex and Michele. Their interactions felt about as unforced as any two characters ever will. And their ‘antics’, while wild, were extremely fun because Carax really involves the viewers. There is a scene where the two water-ski while a vast display of fireworks appears in the background and it has to be one of the greatest scenes in film history – visually, emotionally, and technically.

lovers 2

As the film continues and we learn more about Michele and who she is, we see a side of Alex that is both disturbing and unbelievably touching at the exact same time (can’t really talk about this to keep from spoiling). There really is so much depth to these characters, and this movie is darn close to perfect.  9.75/10


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