Lorna’s Silence (Dardennes, 2008)

Lorna’s Silence (The Dardenne Brothers, 2008)

This movie is full of so many emotional truths, I found myself almost exhausted by the end. Unfortunately, there isn’t all that much I can say about this without spoiling quite a bit of it. It’s a film experience that needs to be seen without any prior knowledge of the film’s events. About halfway through I thought I had a good idea of where it was headed, and I was satisfied, but as unexpected events start unfolding, I found myself shocked, sympathetic, and ultimately heartbroken.

The intimate aesthetic style is a Dardenne brothers’ staple, though it’s toned down a bit with Lorna’s Silence. In fact, the modified style coupled with a slightly heavier plot than their other films really seems to be a step in the right direction for the duo. In doing so they don’t sacrifice anything of what make their films realistic glances into the tragedies of people’s lives.  Lorna’s Silence is their best film, and one of the best from last year.  9.25/10


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