Ode (Reichardt, 1999)

This review contains slight spoilers.

Ode (Kelly Reichardt, 1999)

Oh, what a shame. Unfortunately, this is only a shell of a movie. But it is one heck of a shell. If Reichardt ever decided to redo this one in an expanded and more professionally produced format, this would likely be fantastic. This reminded me of one of my favorite films, All the Real Girls, in its ‘innocent girl falls in love with rebellious boy’ storyline. There is even a heartbreaking, shocking moment towards the middle/end of the film, reminiscent of that film.


The film’s main relationship is a little underdeveloped. With a run time of 50 minutes, it’s not surprising. Stretching this out to 80 minutes could really help to fill in the gaps and expand on what is a realistically written forbidden love story. It wasn’t until almost the end of the film that I felt a real connection with the characters. The cinematography also looked to be exquisite, but the quality of the version I saw left a lot to be desired, so it was a bit hard to fairly judge that aspect. I hope to see a cleaned-up version of this some day.  7.5/10


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