Whiteout (Sena, 2009)

Whiteout (Dominic Sena, 2009)

This movie has been done before, poorly. And here it is done again, poorly. It’s pretty much your standard killer-on-the-loose, whodunnit movie with an attempted twist at the end that’s pretty easy to spot before it’s ever revealed. (But that doesn’t stop Sena from spoon-feeding viewers flashbacks during the reveal just in case you missed it.)


We are also treated to flashbacks from the protagonist as at attempt to try to give her character depth. Unfortunately, they were a poor cover-up for a character who exists only to hold our hand and guide us through the plot. And, yes, as it turns out, her flashbacks are also plot devices. The slightly unconventional conclusion was this film’s saving grace, though it’s still not good, and I use the term ‘saving grace’ very lightly.  2/10


One Response to “Whiteout (Sena, 2009)”

  1. Whiteout is a colorless wasteland. There’s only one thing that could have helped cover this film up: A flashback that changed the script’s name to Wite-Out. Nice info, check out my review when you can!

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