Husbands (J. Cassavetes, 1970)

Husbands (John Cassavetes, 1970)

Husbands follows a time in the lives of three men – two who are going through mid-life crises, and one whose life is crumbling. I felt like Cassavetes was giving off way too much of an “everyday suburbia life is evil” vibe with this film. I didn’t really care for, or even sympathize with most of the characters presented. Peter Falk’s character is definitely the one who is most easy to sympathize with. The scene with he and the oriental girl he picks up at the casino is probably the best in the entire film. We see the man experience delight, confusion, and guilt, all of which we learn from the mumblings of Falk and the intimate camerawork on display.


Though I praise Falk’s performance in that scene, Ben Gazzara gives the best performance overall. His character might have been scum, but he sure portrays it well. Cassavetes style as a filmmaker definitely suits the film well and helps increase the quality of the performances as these guys basically just get drunk, joke around, spout profound nonsense, and attempt to have affairs the entire time. So, while I really liked the style and a few standout scenes, the overall substance wasn’t really my thing.  7.25/10


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