The Tin Star (A. Mann, 1957)

Since the only Anthony Mann films I’ve seen have all been in the last few months, I’m posting all of my A. Mann reviews.

The Tin Star (Anthony Mann, 1957)

The Tin Star was excellent, and I have now decided that Henry Fonda is the one of the greatest actors of all time. He is near perfect in every one of his performances. Here he plays a shady loner that rides into town and becomes the new young sheriff’s teacher. On the surface it sounds contrived, but Fonda makes it work. His transformation is subtle and never truly complete and he feels like a real human being and not some type of lesson for the audience. Of course, Anthony Perkins as the young sheriff plays the pupil wonderfully, as well. Additionally, the film’s framing and beautiful landscape make for yet another nicely filmed western.  8.75/10

tin star


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