The Man From Laramie (A. Mann, 1955)

The Man From Laramie (Anthony Mann, 1955)

This was my first encounter with Anthony Mann. While this isn’t bad by any means, it failed to really captivate me like my favorite westerns do. James Stewart is the highlight of this movie. It really doesn’t matter what type of character he plays; he is always believable in the role. It’s no different here and though his character is written to be a little too perfect, he portrays it in a way that makes you feel like you could really meet that person.

man from

Unfortunately, the movie’s plot is a bit far fetched. Really, it’s not all bad until the end where a twist is thrown in that really makes no sense with everything you’ve learned up to that point about the characters, their motivations, and their actions. But it is an entertaining film if you don’t think about it too hard.  7/10


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