My Film Philosophy

Before I begin posting my film thoughts, I want to take time to familiarize everyone with the features I often look for in film. There are many qualities that can cause my love or hate of a movie, but the following are the most noticeable driving factors:

  • Aesthetics: A film’s visual appearance is of utter important. Not only can quality cinematography and photography sooth the eyes and senses, it can bring the film to a new level of importance. When imagery is so strong it becomes a character, it’s been done right. Additionally, when imagery enhances characters, it’s been done perfectly. Cinematography at its finest not only includes pretty images, but also the way the camera moves, the lighting, the focal points, etc.
  • Real Relationships: Films that portray relationships as they really happen are often, if not always, pushed aside in the mainstream film world because they can be too harsh or even too regular (some would say boring). I enjoy watching people work through relationship ups and downs – couples, families, friends, etc.
  • Soft, Poetic Tone: I love a film that is smooth in tone and mood. Even if the content is jarring or uncomfortable, a soft tone makes for a poetic experience. Minimal dialogue, internal narration, ethereal music, and other qualities help this aspect.
  • Faith: I relate to films that deal with faith, questions of faith, redemption, and/or having Christ- or God-figures. Faith being an important part of my life, I like films that deal with the subject in a creative and intellectual way.

One Response to “My Film Philosophy”

  1. blessedroot Says:

    I anticipate many good reviews! WELCOME!

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